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Recalibrating the Mind of Our Nation’s Warriors

The time for action is now to address the immense needs of our nation's warfighters. Every day we fail to act, more lives are lost to suicide than killed in action from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Your Next Psychologist May Prescribe “The Legend of Zelda”

Mashable editor, Matt Petronzio, interviewed BrainHealth's Virtual Reality team about their work to impact the lives of those with social cognition deficits.

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Q & A with Dr. Sandra Chapman

How did the Center for BrainHealth come to be? BrainHealth's founder and chief director, Dr. Sandra Chapman tells us exactly that and more in this Q & A session.
By: The Center for BrainHealth

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Would You Like to Participate in Important Brain Research?

Make a real difference by taking part in unique brain studies designed to investigate all aspects of the brain – across ages, disorders, and conditions. Discover how.

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Help BrainHealth Research Change the World for the Better

The Center seeks exemplary student research scientists - including the most promising postdoctoral students. Find out how you can join the team.

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Featured Profiles

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Donor Relations Officer

Senior Advisor, Warrior Initiatives

Executive Assistant to Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Brain Performance Institute

Grants and Contracts Specialist

At BrainHealth, Sarah works closely with researchers on drafting research proposals to garner funds from various agencies as well as audits funds once awarded.

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Firefight: Inside the Battle to Transform Health for America’s Warriors on Deployment and at Home

The Center for BrainHealth’s Brain Performance Institute will host the Dennis Berman Brain Performance Lecture, “Firefight: Inside the Battle to Transform Health for America’s Warriors on Deployment and Here at Home,” featuring former United States Air Force Surgeon General, retired Lieutenant General PK Carlton Jr.

‘Friends of BrainHealth’ Raises $300,000, Awards Research Grants to Young Scientists

The Friends of BrainHealth, a donor circle dedicated to advancing research discoveries at the Center for BrainHealth, raised more than $302,000 this year and awarded four $25,000 research grants to young scientists at the annual Friends of BrainHealth Scientist Selection Luncheon.

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Why These Neuroscientists Are Prescribing Video Games

Video games as therapy? While most virtual reality falls under the category of mindless entertainment, a group of researchers believe the gaming world may offer some benefit to those on the autism spectrum.

Fear and the Brain, an Introduction

Every living thing, from the most complex mammals to single-celled organisms, instinctively responds to danger.

Lyda Hill to get the Center for BrainHealth’s Legacy Award

The Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas will honor Lyda Hill at a dinner Nov. 11 at the Joule Hotel.