About Us

The Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas is a scientific research institute focused on understanding, protecting and restoring the human brain.

Translational Research

In recent years, the safety, preservation, and improvement of the human brain have risen to the forefront of our national discourse. At the Center for BrainHealth, a multidisciplinary team of cognitive neuroscientists, clinicians, imaging specialists, biostatisticians, and neuroengineers work toward the common goal of translating research findings into relevant applications as quickly as possible.

Brain Health, Brain Injury, and Brain Disease

With more than 60 fully funded research projects, scientific exploration at the Center for BrainHealth® is leading edge, innovative, improving lives today and translating groundbreaking discoveries into practical clinical application.

Since its founding in 1999 by Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., the Center for BrainHealth® has made exceptional progress in brain research areas of health, injury, and disease.

With the support of UT System, UT Dallas, and private philanthropy, the Center launched the Brain Performance Institute™ in 2013 to make these discoveries available to the public.

By delivering science-based innovations that enhance how people think, work, and live, the Center and its Brain Performance Institute™ are raising awareness about the importance of brain health at every age and optimizing the way individuals think about and care for their brains.

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