Brain Performance Institute

At the Brain Performance Institute, our mission is clear: improving brain performance in people of all ages and conditions — whether they are healthy, injured or currently debilitated by disease.

As a country, we are generally informed and well intentioned when it comes to our physical fitness. Thousands of gyms and training centers are easily found in towns both large and small. Just as we cannot ignore our physical health until late in life, we have to attend to our brain health early, often and consistently.

At the Brain Performance Institute, you will be introduced to the very latest research in brain science and have the opportunity to take part in training programs designed to help you “exercise” your way to a healthier brain.

With the creation of the Brain Performance Institute, life-changing, scientifically proven programs, rooted in expert cognitive neuroscience, are now available to everyone.

Center for BrainHealth's Brain Performance Institute Breaking New Ground

Without brain health, we do not have health.

In the past century, the human lifespan has doubled. The average life expectancy in the United States is over 78, and one in three infants born today is predicted to live to 100 years. The downside of these longer lives is that little has been done to strengthen cognition and increase our years of brain health. We each want to live a long life, but only if our minds are still functioning and are we are able to continue making our own decisions. Recent scientific discoveries now show that our brains retain immense capacity to be modified and strengthened as we age, inducing biological changes in brain function and structure as well as behavioral improvements.

You are never too young or too old to adopt healthy brain habits that strengthen your brain’s capacity to think smarter. Our cognitive brain health does not have to deteriorate; our best brain years can be ahead of us.


We cannot afford to wait.

The United States is currently facing serious cognitive brain health challenges, which left unattended will result in major social and economic crises:


Fortunately, the brain is not some black box that can only later be decoded.

You can improve your brain.

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