The Center for BrainHealth sits on 3.5 tree-lined acres near the vibrant heart of Dallas, Texas. The multiple award-winning Center, housed in the Francis and Mildred Goad Building, offers 63,000-square-feet of state-of-the-art research space and leading-edge technologies exclusively dedicated to studying the brain in order to strengthen its lifelong function.

Center for BrainHealthAdvanced technology utilized by Center scientists include a Virtual Laboratory where talented programmers and designers create online worlds to facilitate and expand research and therapeutic interventions across the globe; Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RTMS); four electroencephalography (EEG) systems; a highly immersive multisensory brain-training program integrating haptics; and, shared with The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) equipment.

The Center for BrainHealth building was imagined and designed by HKS, Inc., one of the nation’s top five architectural firms, with the directive to create a sophisticated and thoughtful structure that amply reflects the innovative brain discovery taking place within. The architects succeeded handsomely, fashioning an inviting one-of-a-kind brain institute auspicious in its design and goals, a living research laboratory performing crucial scientific investigations into minute mysteries of the mind for generations to come.

How It Began

The Frances and Mildred Goad building, made possible by Dianne Cash's abiding love of family and deep philanthropic spirit, offers 63,000 square feet of cutting-edge innovation and hope.

"As we live longer lives, we should all be concerned with the greatest human asset - our mental capacity. All of us are vulnerable to some kind of brain trauma, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or similar malady. This Center can make a difference for us and, more importantly, for our children and their children," Mrs. Cash said. She continued, "The Center for BrainHealth is proving that specialized intervention in combination with drug therapy can help people manage progressive brain diseases, slow the rate of mental decline, and prolong productive capacity. It behooves us to be aware of brain health."

Dianne Cash and her bottomless generosity and community commitment resulted in a breathtaking expansion of a brain health center similarly devoted to making a meaningful difference. Together, Mrs. Cash and the Center for BrainHealth fashioned the dramatic growth of the embryonic research institute into the one-of-a-kind Frances and Mildred Goad Building, a beacon of advanced research and everlasting brain hope.

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