Audette Rackley, MS, CCC/SLP

Head of Special Programs

A member of the Center for BrainHealth team since its inception in 1999, Audette is Head of Special Programs at the Center for BrainHealth. She is a proponent of early detection and habits to promote healthy aging.  Her current research focus is developing and conducting brain training programs for individuals with memory complaints and Mild Cognitive Impairment. She also provides Brain Health Physicals to healthy aging individuals desiring to establish a baseline of cognitive function and learn ways to strengthen cognitive abilities. In addition to her work with healthy aging, she has conducted cognitive-linguistic interventions for individuals with early stage Alzheimer’s disease and co-authored I Can Still Laugh, a book outlining a BrainHealth-developed strength-based approach to working with patients with dementia. Audette teaches a graduate level class on dementia, has spoken at state and national conferences on the importance of discourse processing in the early detection of progressive brain disease, and is a member of the Alzheimer's Association Accelerating Research Advisory Committee for the Greater Dallas Chapter. 

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