Dee O’Neill, M.S., LPC

Program Manager for Corporate SMART, Brain Performance Institute

Dee joined the Brain Performance Institute in 2013 after more than 15 years working in both research and clinical Neuroscience roles in various nationally recognized medical centers.  She co-developed and leads the speaker series “Optimize Your Brain Performance.”  As head of the Executive and Corporate programs, she helps individuals and teams maximize their cognitive potential by facilitating high-performance brain training through the Center for BrainHealth-developed SMART program.  
Dee is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas, she completed her graduate training in counseling psychology with a specialization in marriage and family therapy from Chaminade University.  Her undergraduate study was in human health and exercise science at the University of Hawaii.  Dee is a board certified fellow in EEG Neurotechnology by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, as well as a trained brain-based coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Results Coaching System and Fielding University’s Evidence Based Coaching.
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