Our Team

The Center for BrainHealth unites leading scientists from diverse disciplines with one singular goal: Unraveling secrets of the mind. Also integral to this most exciting and important scientific frontier of the new millennium are highly-trained clinicians and talented support staff, as well as an Advisory Board of prominent leaders equally dedicated to improving lives through innovative brain research.

Board Members

Center for BrainHealth Team

Brain Performance Institute Team

Dr. Chapman's Lab

Dr. Chapman's lab focuses on both research and clinical application of findings that promote brain health.

Dr. Leanne Young

Dr. Young is the Executive Director of the Brain Performance Institute. Leanne brings over 20 years of engineering experience and expertise in blast injury research to her role.

Dr. Filbey's Lab

Dr. Filbey’s lab focuses on combining neuroimaging and genetic techniques to characterize neural mechanisms associated with reward system dysfunction (e.g., addictive disorders).

Dr. Gu's Lab

Dr. Gu’s computational psychiatry lab examines the neural and computational mechanisms underlying human decision-making and social interaction in both health and disease, through a synthesis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), brain connectivity modelling, neuropsychology (brain lesions studies), pharmacological challenges, and computational modeling.

Dr. Krawczyk's Lab

Dr. Krawczyk’s lab studies the mental processes involved in reasoning, decision-making, and memory.

Dr. Rypma's Lab

Dr. Rypma’s lab is a cognitive neuroscience lab studying the mental processes involved in using working memory and how those processes change during aging.

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