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As we live longer lives, we should all be concerned with the greatest human asset—our mental capacity.

Dianne Cash, BrainHealth Leadership Council


The Center for BrainHealth unites leading scientists from diverse disciplines with one singular goal: Unraveling secrets of the mind. Also integral to this most exciting and important scientific frontier of the new millennium are highly-trained clinicians and talented support staff, as well as an Advisory Board of prominent leaders equally dedicated to improving lives through innovative brain research.

Brain Performance Institute

Lara Ashmore, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Technology, Innovation and Program Development

Major General Leo J. “Lee” Baxter, USA, Retired

Senior Advisor, Warrior Initiatives

Eric Bennett, C.F.A., C.P.A.

Executive Director, Brain Performance Institute

Peyton Blackwell, B.S.

Special Events Associate

KeeShaun Coffey, B.S.

Head of Business Development

Cheryl Endres, B.A.

Military Spouse & Caregiver Liaison

Caleb Farrell, B.A.

Warrior Training Team

Lindsay Gehan, B.E.

Project Coordinator

Patty Halpern

Training Support Manager

Carl Lutz

Creative Director

Jenny Wright Meier, PsyD

Clinician/Licensed Psychologist

Dee O’Neill-Warren, M.S., LPC

Senior Clinician, Training and Evaluation

Joshua C. Parker, B.S.

Warrior Training Team

Mike Rials, B.S.

Warrior Training Team

Jacob P. Schick “Jake”

Warrior Training Team

Veronica Scruggs, M.Ed.

Administrative Project Coordinator

Chris Talcott, M.S.

Deputy Director, Brain Performance Institute

John M. Talmadge, M.D.

Senior Medical Advisor, Brain Performance Institute

Bethany Voss, B.B.A

Special Events Associate