Francesca Filbey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Francesca Filbey is the Director of Cognitive Neuroscience of Addictive Behaviors at the Center for BrainHealth, researching the causes and consequences of addiction. Before joining the Center for BrainHealth in 2010, Dr. Filbey was studying neuroimaging and the genetics of addictive disorders at the Mind Research Network at the University of New Mexico. She is a graduate of King's College in London.

Currently Dr. Filbey is investigating how environmental factors (e.g., adolescent onset of use, early life stress) mediate the neural mechanisms that are associated with addictive disorders and how genetic risk moderates these effects. Currently, she is studying the determination of these effects using neuroimaging tools (sMRI, DTI, fMRI during resting state, cue-exposure tasks, reward and punishment tasks, response inhibition tasks and stress tasks) and a candidate gene approach in marijuana and tobacco users in addition to obese binge eaters.

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