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I can think of no better place to place [my] trust and resources [than] this great project. Dr. Chapman, Dr. Hart, and the Center for BrainHealth staff are making medical history.

Bud Smith, BrainHealth Leadership Council


Brain research is one of the most rapidly growing and continually changing fields in scientific exploration, which means the Center for BrainHealth is in nonstop need of the best investigative minds to further its cognitive research aims.

As such, BrainHealth has an expansive range of ongoing career opportunities that change over time, including: Doctoral students interested in clinical neuroscience; brain imaging experts; neurologists with a focus on research in brain plasticity; computer technology; and many others. To find out positions that are currently available, please visit The University of Texas at Dallas website. All potential Center for BrainHealth candidates must complete an application for employment at UT Dallas Human Resources. To do so, please click here.