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So much of what is learned in brain science stays in science. It’s rare for practitioners and scientists to work in conjunction, translating the latest advances into programs to improve the lives of individuals. That’s what makes the Center unique.

Dean Bert Moore

Think Ahead Group (TAG)

The Center for BrainHealth created the Think Ahead Group (TAG) to provide a new generation the opportunity to participate in and influence the greatest scientific initiative of the 21st Century: unlocking the mysteries of the human mind. TAG members stand energized and motivated to do everything possible to increase knowledge about the brain in order to prevent avoidable brain decline and advance a lifetime of sound brain health.

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Members of TAG are on the cusp of something huge, something life-affirming, something discovery-driven.  Help make it happen.

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For further information about opportunities with the Think Ahead Group at the Center for BrainHealth, please contact Julie Carter at 972.883.3277 or