Frontiers of BrainHealth Lunch Lecture Series

The Center for BrainHealth invites scientists to share their scientific study with students and other researchers at the Frontiers of BrainHealth Lunch Lectures. The lectures are heavily science focused and are not intended for a lay audience. All lectures are held at the Center for BrainHealth, 2200 West Mockingbird Lane, from 12 - 1 PM in the International Reception Hall. Lunch is served at 11:45 AM.

The lectures are free, but you must register to reserve your seat. RSVP to Teressa Roberson

Upcoming Speaker Schedule

September 29, 2017
Non-invasive brain neuromodulation with real-time fMRI neurofeedback amygdala emotional regulation training and concurrent EEG recordings
Jerzy Bodurka, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Associate Professor
Laureate Institute for Brain Research
Associate Professor, College of Engineering Dean
University of Oklahoma

December 1, 2017
Toward an integrative model of oxytocin in social processes and mental health: The role of social sensitivity
Benjamin Tabak, PhD

Director, Social and Clinical Neuroscience Lab
Department of Psychology
Southern Methodist University 

January 26, 2018
Human brain function related to behavior, cognition, emotion and personality in drug addiction adn other problem behaviors
Rita Goldstein, PhD

Professor, Psychiatry
Chief, Brain Imaging Center
Director, Neuropsychoimaging of Addiction and Related Conditions
Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai

Previous Speaker Schedule

September 16, 2016
Chemo Brain
Cobi Heijnen, PhD

MD Anderson Cancer Center

October 14, 2016
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Cognitive Reserve
Ian Robertson, PhD

Professor, Trinity College Dublin
Co-Director, Global Brain Health Institute
T. Boone Pickens Distinguished Scientist, Center for BrainHealth

October 21, 2016
Pragmatic Computational Psychiatry: Connecting Neuroscience with Clinical Care
Martin P. Paulus, MD

Scientific Director and President
Laureate Institute for Brain Research

Special Monday Lecture at 10:30 AM
October 24, 2016
Technologies for Mapping and Repairing the Brain at a Fundamental Level
Ed Boyden, PhD

Leader, Synthetic Neurobiology Group
Associate Professor and AT&T Chair
Department of Biological Engineering
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Boyden's lecture is co-sponsored by The Texas Biomedical Device Center. 

October 28, 2016
Assessing Brain Health via Sensory Percept
Mark Tommerdahl, PhD

Associate Professor
The University of North Carolina 

November 11, 2016
Virtual Reality Applications for Pain Management
Marjorie Zielke, PhD
Professor in Practice
Director, Center for Modeling and Simulation
The University of Texas at Dallas

January 13, 2017
What's the Difference? Pediatric Concussions and More Severe TBI
Christopher Giza, MD

Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery
Director, UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT program
University of California, Los Angeles

January 27, 2017 
Understanding the information in human bodies
Alice O'Toole, PhD

Aage and Margareta Moller Endowed Chair
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas

Special Lecture Time: 2 PM
February 24, 2017
Enabling Ability - The Future of Human-Machine Interaction
Cori Lathan, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
AnthroTronix, Inc.

March 3, 2017
A map for social navigation in the human brain
Daniela Schiller, PhD
Associate Professor
Departments of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Friedman Brain Institute
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Special Wednesday Lecture at 10 AM
March 22, 2017
The Dopamine Transporter: From Molecular Imaging and Pharmacology to Cognition and Clinical Symptoms
Ulrich Ettinger, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Bonn, Germany

March 31, 2017
Genetic factors can teach us how to maintain a healthy brain
Robert H. Lipsky, PhD

Director of Translational Research
Inova Neurosciences Institute
Inova Health System
Fairfax, Virginia

April 7, 2017
Neural and Biological Plasticity: The mechanisms of signaling between cells and tissues that allow biological systems to generate and maintain a complex morphology
Michael Levin, PhD

Professor, Vannevar Bush Chair
Director, Allen Discovery Center at Tufts, and Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology
Tufts University

May 5, 2017
Emerging Ideas and Approaches at the Intersection of Exercise and Brain Health
Shawn Flanagan, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition
Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Warrior Human Performance Research Center

May 19, 2017
Parsing Anhedonia: Corticostriatal mechanisms for motivational deficits in psychopathology
Michael Treadway, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Emory University

Thursday Lecture
May 25, 2017
Neurobiology, Brain Imaging and Information Processing
Dimitris Pinotsis, PhD

Visiting Scientist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brain and Cognitive Sciences

June 2, 2017
Systematic pharmacodynamics to prevent and treat chronic diseases of aging: EHT, a PP2A modulator for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative disease
Jeffry B. Stock, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biology and Chemistry
Princeton University

June 9, 2017
Words are Not Enough: Providing the context for social communication with toddlers with ASD 
Pamela Rollins, PhD

Associate Professor, Communication Disorders
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas

July 7, 2017
From evidence-based medicine to evidence-based education: launching the new field of Learning Engineering
Melina Uncapher, PhD

Director of Education Program, Neuroscape
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Weill Institute for Neurosciences & Kavli Institute for Fundamental Neuroscience
University of California, San Francisco

Most lectures are on Fridays from Noon - 1 p.m. in the International Reception Hall at the Center for BrainHealth unless otherwise noted above.

We plan to offer CEU's through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the National Board for Certified Counselors. More information to follow. 

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