The Brain: An Owner’s Guide Lecture Videos


Every Tuesday night in February hundreds of people attended The Center for Brain Health's annual lecture series, The Brain: An Owner’s Guide, sponsored by The Container Store.

Neuroscience experts shared research and insights on Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, the power of the teenage brain, and the future of neuroimaging as part of the Center's four-part lecture series. 

This February marked the 10th year that the Center for BrainHealth and The Container Store have partnered to bring brain health awareness and empowerment into the community. 

“Discoveries are being made at an exceptional pace. The opportunity for people to interact with the experts uncovering them is truly exciting. We are so grateful to the Container Store for making this possible,” said Dr. Sandra Chapman, Center for BrainHealth’s founder and chief director and Dee Wyly Distinguished University Chair at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Gregory Petsko, PhD

The Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge Lecture
Alzheimer's: Conquering the Coming Epidemic

"Exercise regularly; keep your blood pressure down; avoid developing diabetes; and stay mentally stimulated with new, challenging things throughout your life. But of course, you should already be doing all of these things. They are the key not just to reducing your risk for Alzheimer’s, but to increasing your chance of having a happy and productive life." – Dr. Gregory Petsko

Elliot Frohman, MD, PhD

The Fluor Corporation Lecture
The Eye as a Window into the Brain of Neurodegenerative Disorders

"If we can confirm the utility of this unique approach to the MS patient with compromised functional capabilities, the dividends will be incalculable." – Dr. Elliot Frohman

Adriana Galván, PhD

Made possible by an anonymous gift
The Teenage Brain: Harnessing the Power of Change

"The brain is looking for exploration and novelty, and adolescents get that through taking risks. If we hover too much and preclude all risk, then, I think, we are robbing them of the opportunity to change the brain in really important ways." – Dr. Adriana Galván

Read Montague, PhD

The Greystone Foundation Lecture
Reading the Mind in the New World of Neuroscience

"Can the brain be trained to change? Yes. Correction in biology is called learning." – Dr. Read Montague

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