About Us

The Center for BrainHealth was created in 1999 and has flourished because of its unique commitment to its mission and the most significant cause of the century: To understand, protect and heal the brain. Scientific exploration at BrainHealth is leading edge, innovative and transformative, improving lives today and changing how the public thinks and acts about the brain and its health.

Most scientists focus on what is wrong with the brain. But, at the Center for BrainHealth, what is wrong is just one starting point. Acclaimed cognitive neuroscience experts at BrainHealth are dedicated to discovering ways to build resilience, regain cognitive function and retrain the brain to maximize the amazing potential of our most vital organ.

By capitalizing on rapidly emerging brain discoveries and advanced technologies that allow deep insights into the brain, scientists and clinicians at the Center are developing and scientifically proving which cognitive brain training therapies can capitalize on the brain’s dynamic capacity to be strengthened in health and repaired after brain injury or brain disease.

Founded as the 21st century was about to begin by Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, the Center for BrainHealth has made exceptional progress in understanding how the brain best learns and reasons, protecting the brain from unnecessary cognitive decline, and healing the brain through treatments that regenerate brain function. The goal is for interdisciplinary research discoveries to have immediate and effective clinical impact, changing lives for the better now, not a generation from now.

Today, the Center for BrainHealth is making enormous strides in improving brain health and identifying and treating brain injury and disease over a wide range of vital areas, from addiction to Alzheimer’s, social cognition to stroke. Pioneering programs—more than 60 in all—include research to help returning military service members optimize brain health and function; cutting-edge work in new ways to stave off dementia; innovative research to address the threatened “fourth R” in K–12 education, reasoning, with the Teen Reasoning Initiative; vital research into care for traumatic brain injury in children; Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) across all age groups; a comprehensive scientific study dedicated to athletes, addressing the issues of sports-related brain injuries; and much more. The Center for BrainHealth serves people in Texas and throughout the nation.

BrainHealth has proven to be an inviting research environment for some of the nation’s leading neuroscientists from top research universities like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford. The combination of leading scientists, outside-the-box research ideas, sophisticated technology, and a one-of-a-kind facility makes the Center for BrainHealth a perfect, nurturing home for life-improving brain research.


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