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So much of what is learned in brain science stays in science. It’s rare for practitioners and scientists to work in conjunction, translating the latest advances into programs to improve the lives of individuals. That’s what makes the Center unique.

Dean Bert Moore

Board Members

Board Chair – Debbie Francis
Board Vice Chair – Bob Wilbur
Founding Chair – Shelia Schlosberg

Leadership Council

Advisory Board

Claudia and Dennis Berman
Jean Ann Brock
Dianne Cash
Cullum Clark
Mary Anne Cree
Teresa and David Disiere
Patsy Donosky
Sarah and Alan Losinger
Jack Lowe
Margaret McDermott
Morton Meyerson
Toni and T. Boone Pickens
Annette Simmons
Jane and Bud Smith
Jill Smith
Claudia and Jerry Stool
Dee Wyly

Allie Beth and Pierce Allman
Chris Baldridge
Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge
Major General Lee Baxter
Eric Bennett
Lucy and Henry Billingsley
Sue Blackwell
Derek Blake
Bill Bogart
Pam Borders
Charlie Brewer
Clint Bruce
Donovan Campbell
Ballard Castleman
Don Chapman
Suzanne and Lance Charriere
Bill Chesnut
Coley Clark
Cary Clayborn
Rob Clements
Janie Cooke
Ka and L.L. Cotter
Lewise Crockett
Ben Crosland
Bob Dransfield
Gano Ehlers
Caroline Gehan
Mitch Gervis
Jane Gibson
Michael Gregory
Kay Hammond
Julie and Ed Hawes
Susan and Ralph Hawkins
Bert Headden
Anne Helbing
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Barbara Horn
Rita and Henry Hortenstine
Patty Huffines
Ken Hughes
Alison and Harry Hunsicker
Ward Hunt, Jr.
Cher and David Jacobs
Jessica and Bill Jesse
Biddie and Lee Roy Jordan
Kate and Dana Juett
Angie Kadesky
Nicole Kapioltas and Chad Cook
Neeti Khaitan and Rajesh Gupta
Samara Kline and Andy McCarthy
Chuck Magill
Tamara Mattison
Allan McBee
Martha and Don Miller
Pat and Charles McEvoy
Ginger and Larry Nobles
Katherine and Bob Penn
Todd Platt
Gail and Bill Plummer
Susan Ragland
Susie and Jim Riley
Linda and Joel Robuck
Diane and Scott Sealy
Lynn and John Sears
Gloria Snead
Jeff Staubach
John Talmadge
Semra Treece
Kathryn and David Waldrep
Bryan Ward
Tucean Webb
Bobbi Wedlan Weil
Nancy Wilbur