Carlos Marquez de la Plata, Ph.D.

Clinical Neuropsychologist and Assistant Professor

Dr. Marquez de la Plata’s research focuses primarily on identifying and ultimately improving neurocognitive and functional impairments related to various brain illnesses such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  His earliest studies in this area have shown the degree of white matter lesions seen on routine clinical MRI correlates to the degree of long-term functional outcomes in both TBI and AD.  More recently, he is examining more novel neuroimaging modalities to quantitate the degree of neuronal compromise present, and determine whether these measures correlate to future outcome.  Neuroimaging modalities of interest include: Diffusion Tensor Imaging, functional connectivity MRI, and EEG.  This line of research will ultimately assist in identifying individuals who might benefit from neuroprotective therapies.

Additionally, as a Spanish-speaking neuropsychologist, Dr. Marquez de la Plata, a clinical assistant professor at both UT Dallas and The UT Southwestern Medical Center psychiatry department, is interested in developing neurocognitive measures appropriate for Spanish speakers.  Most measures currently available for use with this population are merely translations of their English originals, and as such introduce a great deal of error and bias.  Dr. Marquez de la Plata has developed a naming test for use with Spanish speakers and has published both local and international data showing a test developed in Spanish is more appropriate for use with this population than translated tests.

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