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So much of what is learned in brain science stays in science. It’s rare for practitioners and scientists to work in conjunction, translating the latest advances into programs to improve the lives of individuals. That’s what makes the Center unique.

Dean Bert Moore


Dan Krawczyk, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Krawczyk’s research explores human goal-directed cognition and behavior with particular emphasis on the influences of incentives and perceived value on human performance. He is interested in uncovering the components of goal-directed cognition including better specifying how people encode, maintain, and manipulate valenced information to organize purposeful behavior and maximize the utility of their decisions. He employs cognitive neuroscience methods in order to understand the contributions of different brain regions to information processing, reasoning, and deciding. He is currently investigating these interests through three lines of research: (1) functional neuroimaging investigations into the integration and impact of incentives upon working memory performance; (2) behavioral studies of decision-making and preference change with healthy adult populations; and, (3) investigations of relational reasoning and executive control with brain-damaged patient groups. Through these lines of study, he aims to answer basic questions in human cognition by employing and integrating the tools of cognitive neuroscience along with classical psychological methods.

Dr. Krawczyk received his Ph.D. from UCLA in cognitive neuroscience.  He did postdoctoral research at The University of California, Berkeley, before joining the Center for BrainHealth and the faculty of The University of Texas at Dallas in 2006.

Dr. Krawczyk's research interests include working memory, reasoning, frontal lobe functions, and social cognition.