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So much of what is learned in brain science stays in science. It’s rare for practitioners and scientists to work in conjunction, translating the latest advances into programs to improve the lives of individuals. That’s what makes the Center unique.

Dean Bert Moore

Directors, Researchers

Jacque Gamino, Ph.D.

Director, Adolescent Reasoning Initiative


Dr. Jacque Gamino joined the Center for BrainHealth team in 2001 and is currently the director of the BrainHealth Adolescent Reasoning Initiative. She has ten years of research experience developing, testing, and implementing brain, cognitive and behavioral assessment and training protocols for advanced reasoning in youth.

Dr. Gamino is a national expert in advanced reasoning and serves as a core member of educational reform think tanks for both the George W. Bush Middle School Matters Initiative and the Laura and John Arnold Comprehensive Education Reform Initiative with focused expertise in strategic thinking and critical reasoning. In the last three years, she has received more than $10 million in educational research funding to advance reasoning in youth across America. She is an invited national speaker and has published evidenced based practices for educators, students, parents, and researchers regarding maximizing adolescent brain potential.

Dr. Gamino, a cognitive neuroscientist, has dedicated her life to translating cutting edge research discoveries into practical applications to improve the learning capacity of students.  Her work has impacted thousands of students, families, and teachers across the country.