Avenues of Research

The most powerful, most staggeringly complex electro-biochemical machine ever created is all in your head. Above and behind your eyes are 100 billion neurons in a small calcium shell, laced with organic pumps and channels and switches; wiring and plumbing so dense and complicated that even this over-achieving organ can barely imagine itself. It is the most adaptable, modifiable organ in the human body, and yet the one we usually think about the least. Many of us devote ourselves to cardio fitness, but very few to brain fitness. We have learned more about how the brain works in the past 10 years than ever before. And we now know, thanks in large part to the innovative collaboration of Center for BrainHealth clinicians and researchers, that our ability to understand, protect and heal our brains can and will be extraordinary. 

Founded as the 21st century was about to begin, the Center for BrainHealth has made exceptional progress in enhancing how the brain best learns and reasons, protecting the brain from unnecessary cognitive decline, and restoring the brain through treatments that regenerate brain function. The goal is for interdisciplinary research discoveries to have immediate and effective clinical impact, changing lives for the better now, not a generation from now. Today, the Center for BrainHealth is making enormous strides in improving brain health and identifying and treating brain injury and disease over a wide range of vital areas, from addiction to Alzheimer's, social cognition to stroke. The Center for BrainHealth serves people in Texas and throughout the nation, from ages one to 100. Pioneering programs - more than 60 in all - includes, but is not limited to, the following:

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