ASYMCA hosts Brain Training at AAFB

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Over two dozen active duty military members enjoyed a two day seminar of the newest leading edge approach to build resilience against brain decline, reverse losses in brain capacity, and retrain the brain to maximize performance. Although the training was provided free through the ASYMCA at no cost, normally this instruction would cost up to $2,000 per participant. This special ASYMCA Brain Training at the Airman’s Resilience Center on AAFB was presented by The Brain Performance Institute, which is the clinical arm of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas, a scientific research facility. Their high performance brain training program, known as SMART, Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training, is based on more than 25 years of innovative scientific study by cognitive neuroscientists, physicians and research clinicians.

Scientists have long known that as humans we use only a tiny fraction of our brain, by some estimates as low as 10%. Making that sobering bit of information even more telling is the sad fact that most of us don’t even use that 10% at peak efficiency. Through this program, airmen learned how to train their brains to be more productive and less stressed. They learned strategies to revive everyday routines and boost their brainpower. Interactive sessions included exercises that encourage discussion, creative thinking, and practical application. Participants were excited and reported that they experienced everyday life improvements of reduced stress, increased productivity, strategic thinking, improved organizational skills, and cognitive enhancement of better attention, reasoning, decision making, problem solving and innovation and creativity.

This training was sponsored by the generous donations of LaQuinta Inns and Suites to afford AAFB this opportunity. 

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