BrainHealth Physical

The brain is the most vital organ to everyday life functioning. It is just as essential to measure and monitor your brain fitness as it is to measure and monitor your physical fitness. In the last five years, science has proven that much can be done to keep the brain healthy, just like the body. Establishing a brain health benchmark will allow you to annually monitor any changes with the purpose of keeping tabs on cognitive abilities as you age and build resilience as much as possible to guard against decline.

The BrainHealth Physical is a one-on-one evaluation with a clinician in a comfortable and friendly environment. It involves a series of cognitive tests that are a combination of verbal interactions with your clinician and written responses. The BrainHealth Physical does not involve brain imaging (MRI, CT Scan, SPECT, EEG, etc.), medication or any other procedure.

Within a month after your assessment, you will come back for a one-on-one meeting to review your results. You will also be given recommendations with practical ideas on how to strengthen your brain’s performance.

Recommendations will help advise ways to:


Total time commitment –  2.5 hours (includes assessment and follow-up appointment)
Cost –  $750 (includes assessment and follow-up appointment)

Recommendations are continually enhanced in response to the latest research in cognitive neuroscience.

For more information, please call Lindsay Gehan at 972.883.3310 or email her at here to register online.

Student BrainHealth Physicals

We offer BrainHealth Physicals tailored to the unique needs of students. The comprehensive assessment will help inform ways for students to:


Students in grades 5-12, as well as college, are most suitable for this type of BrainHealth Physical.

Total time commitment— approximately 2 hours
Cost— $750 (includes assessment and follow-up appointment).

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Lindsay Gehan at 972.883.3310 or email her at

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