Mindfulness for Law Enforcement


The Resilient Mind

Law enforcement is inherently a high-pressure profession. Police officers must routinely make tough decisions, often under extreme stress while at times facing threat of harm. The Center for BrainHealth, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, and its Brain Performance Institute are collaborating to provide programs to help officers who serve on the front lines of the city of Dallas.

Mindfulness training designed by neuroscience and law enforcement experts will equip Dallas Police Department (DPD) officers with brain-enhancing tools for tactical decision-making, creative thinking, real-time problem-solving, and down-regulating emotional response to stress.

The practice of mindfulness supports one’s capacity for situational awareness, decision making and the ability to respond rather than react in times of crisis, all of which are part of law enforcement officers’ responsibilities each day.

Mindfulness training for DPD officers will consist of:

This Mindfulness for Law Enforcment initiative has been made possible through a collaboration between the Dallas Police Department and the Brain Performance Institute, working with law enforcement leaders and neuroscience experts. It has been generously underwritten by The Lyda Hill Foundation.

Email leomindfulness@utdallas.edu for additional information about the mindfulness program.  

The following meditation exercises can be used to further practice mindfulness. These videos include Janet Sandman, a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor, leading you through three different mindful meditations. The 10 and 15-minute breathing meditation videos focus on using your breath to anchor your attention, while the 20-minute body scan video involves intentionally moving your attention through various parts of the body while paying attention to the sensations and feelings along each stop along the way.

10-Minute Meditation

15-Minute Meditation

20-Minute Meditation

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