Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training

For many with social cognitive deficits and for some who struggle socially, reading facial expressions and knowing how to respond are daily challenges that interfere relationships and career goals.

The Brain Performance Institute at Center for BrainHealth offers a scientifically based social cognitive training program that uses a motivational, virtual-learning platform. Clinicians coach clients through real-life scenarios in a video game like environment, providing a safe place to practice social interactions in a virtual reality school, home, playground or coffee shop. 

In the virtual world, face-tracking technology allows users to see their own and others’ facial emotions and reactions in real time. An expert clinician initiates nonscripted conversation that instills social brain strategies to help individuals reach personal goals.

This approach has been shown to build social-reasoning skills and increase confidence in real-world interactions. Individuals practice initiating conversations, navigating through social dilemmas, sharing thoughts and ideas, and developing social interactions.

The 10 Session Strategy-Based Social Cognition Training includes:

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For additional information regarding the research behind this program, visit the Social Cognition page. Visit the Social Awareness in Young Adults with Autism page for research study recruitment.  

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