Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training

For many with social cognitive deficits and for some who struggle socially, reading facial expressions and knowing how to respond are daily challenges that interfere relationships and career goals.

Our Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training provides customizable and interactive training through a virtual world aimed at improving each child’s social relationships and cognitive flexibility. Students will ultimately develop stronger self-awareness while learning key high-level social concepts such as recognizing others’ thoughts and feelings, responding appropriately, showing interest in others, and sharing opinions respectfully while understanding another’s perspective.

Students will be able to utilize state-of-the-art virtual learning technology combined with innovative facial tracking systems in order to better identify and build real-life skills needed now and for years to come. Clinicians provide live, real-time feedback based on groundbreaking social cognition research conducted at the Center for BrainHealth.

The Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training program was recently featured on The Today Show and CBS News.



The 10 Session Strategy-Based Social Cognition Training includes:

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For additional information regarding the research behind this program, visit the Social Cognition page or read the Learning Solutions Magazine interview. Visit the Social Awareness in Young Adults with Autism page for research study recruitment.  

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