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Knowing that your brain is working for you and not against you could be one of the biggest gifts of SMART. In a culture of overwhelming distractions, simply learning to see through the clutter is liberating.
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The Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training, or SMART, is based on more than 25 years of cognitive brain research. SMART teaches students how to think and reason rather than memorize. Students learn how to synthesize information, uncover deeper meaning and discard irrelevant information. Any child can benefit from this high-level training. Before participating, we will make sure that this format is the right fit for each student. Benefits of SMART:

Over the last six years, BrainHealth researchers have trained more than 27,000 students in SMART through research grants. Results have shown significant changes in frontal lobe regions responsible for higher order thinking and problem solving after only 10 hours of training. SMART has shown substantial improvements in academic performance in those who have participated to date. SMART is a series of seven cognitive strategies that can be applied to any learning context. As students’ progress through these steps, they learn to discard unsuccessful and superficial learning styles and to adopt a more robust, focused, and deeper-level strategic learning approach. Upon completion of the SMART training, students can apply the methodology to any subject and have been shown scientifically to do so over an extended period of time with success. The brain is primed for higher-order reasoning beginning in adolescence. As a result, this SMART program is offered for students who are currently in grades seven through twelve.



Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training
Our Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training includes a five-day camp, training materials, integrated practice sessions and access to booster sessions throughout the year.

SMART Program + BrainHealth Physical (Recommended)
Includes our Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training and a pre- and post-training BrainHealth Physical, a personal, confidential two-hour cognitive assessment that focuses on higher-order mental functioning. One-on-one follow-up provides assessment results and practical recommendations for improved brain performance.

  Basic SMART Comprehensive SMART
Comprehensive brain performance assessment that measures higher order cognitive abilities—strategic attention, integrated reasoning, and innovation—with private consultation to review results   check
A five-day camp which includes group SMART strategy sessions in a fun, interactive environment  check check
Specific sessions targeting technology use in adolescents and its impact on the brain check check
SMART workbook for each student check check
SMART parent group session to provide tools on how to reinforce SMART at home check check
Post-performance assessment and consultation   check


All SMART sessions are held at the Center for BrainHealth. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming training. 


Contact Lindsay Gehan at lindsay.gehan@utdallas.edu or 972-883-3310 for more information. Center for BrainHealth 2200 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235

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