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I am in a field that is changing and advancing exponentially. I like to think years ahead of what I envision the Center for BrainHealth to be 10-20 years out and then work backwards to achieve that change.

Dr. Sandra Chapman, Founder and Chief Director

Research Papers

All research papers are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view them.

Title Authors Publication Date
A preliminary examination of how serotonergic polymorphisms influence brain response following an adolescent cannabis intervention Sarah W.FeldsteinEwing, HilaryK.Mead, UmaYezhuvath, SamDeWitt, Kent E.Hutchison, FrancescaM.Filbey October, 2012
Scopolamine and olfactory function Serby M., Flicker C., Rypma B., Weber S., Rotrosen J.P., Ferris S.H. May, 1989
Load-dependent roles of frontal brain regions in the maintenance of working memory Rypma B., Prabhakaran V., Desmond J.E., Glover G.H., Gabrieli J.D.E. December, 1997
The roles of prefrontal brain regions in components of working memory: Effects of memory load and individual differences Rypma B., D'Esposito M. October, 1998
The effect of normal aging on the coupling of neural activity to the bold hemodynamic response D'Esposito M., Zarahn E., Aguirre G.K., Rypma B. September, 1998
Imagined transformations of bodies: An fMRI investigation Zacks J., Rypma B., Gabrieli J.D.E., Tversky B., Glover G.H. November, 1998
Isolating the neural mechanisms of age-related changes in human working memory Rypma B., D'Esposito M. March, 2000
Functional neuroimaging of short-term memory: The neural mechanisms of mental storage Rypma B., Gabrieli J.D.E. January, 2000
A subsequent-memory effect in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex Rypma B., D'Esposito M. September, 2002
Factors controlling neural activity during delayed-response task performance: Testing a memory organization hypothesis of prefrontal function Rypma B. December, 2005
Prefrontal modulation of working memory performance in brain injury and disease Hillary F.G., Genova H.M., Chiaravalloti N.D., Rypma B., DeLuca J. January, 2006
Neural correlates of cognitive efficiency Rypma B., Berger J.S., Prabhakaran V., Martin Bly B., Kimberg D.Y., Biswal B.B., D'Esposito M. September, 2006
Evidence for multiple manipulation processes in prefrontal cortex Eldreth D.A., Patterson M.D., Porcelli A.J., Biswal B.B., Rebbechi D., Rypma B. October, 2006
Age-related differences in activation-performance relations in delayed-response tasks: A multiple component analysis Rypma B., Eldreth D.A., Rebbechi D. February, 2006
P-FIT and the neuroscience of intelligence: How well does P fit? Prabhakaran V., Rypma B. January, 2007
Hemodynamic scaling of fMRI-BOLD signal: validation of low-frequency spectral amplitude as a scalability factor Biswal B.B., Kannurpatti S.S., Rypma B. March, 2007
The effects of acute stress on human prefrontal working memory systems Porcelli A.J., Cruz D., Wenberg K., Patterson M.D., Biswal B.B., Rypma B. April, 2008
When less is more and when more is more: The mediating roles of capacity and speed in brain-behavior efficiency Rypma B., Prabhakaran V. January, 2009
Examination of processing speed deficits in multiple sclerosis using functional magnetic resonance imaging Genova H.M., Hillary F.G., Wylie G., Rypma B., Deluca J. January, 2009
Working memory component processes: Isolating BOLD signal changes Motes M.A., Rypma B. September, 2009
Toward discovery science of human brain function Biswal B.B., Mennes M., Zuo X.-N., Gohel S., Kelly C., Smith S.M., Beckmann C.F., Adelstein J.S., Buckner R.L., Colcombe S., Dogonowski A.-M., Ernst M., Fair D., Hampson M., Hoptman M.J., Hyde J.S., Kiviniemi V.J., Kotter R., Li S.-J., Lin C.-P., Lowe M.J., Mackay C., Madden D.J., Madsen K.H., Margulies D.S., Mayberg H.S., McMahon K., Monk C.S., Mostofsky S.H., Nagel B.J., Pekar J.J., Peltier S.J., Petersen S.E., Riedl V., Rombouts S.A.R.B., Rypma B., Schlaggar B.L., Schmidt S., Seidler R.D., Siegle G.J., S March, 2010
Neural and vascular variability and the fMRI-BOLD response in normal aging Kannurpatti S.S., Motes M.A., Rypma B., Biswal B.B. December, 2009
Task-dependent individual differences in prefrontal connectivity Biswal B.B., Eldreth D.A., Motes M.A., Rypma B. January, 2010
Non-neural BOLD variability in block and event-related paradigms Kannurpatti S.S., Motes M.A., Rypma B., Biswal B.B. July, 2010
Age-dependent relationships between prefrontal cortex activation and processing efficiency Motes A.A., Biswal B.B., Rypma B. October, 2010
Increasing measurement accuracy of age-related BOLD signal change: Minimizing vascular contributions by resting-state-fluctuation-of-amplitude scaling Kannurpatti S.S., Motes M.A., Rypma B., Biswal B.B. July, 2010
Capacity-speed relationships in prefrontal cortex Prabhakaran V., Rypma B., Narayanan N.S., Meier T.B., Austin B.P., Nair V.A., Naing L., Thomas L.E., Gabrieli J.D.E. November, 2012
Prediction of task-related BOLD fMRI with amplitude signatures of resting-state fMRI Kannurpatti S.S., Rypma B., Biswal B.B. March, 2012
Calibrating BOLD fMRI activations with neurovascular and anatomical constraints Di X., Kannurpatti S.S., Rypma B., Biswal B.B. February, 2012
Is the Concreteness Effect a Result of Underlying Network Interconnectivity? Gee N.R., Nelson D.L., Krawczyk D. November, 1998
Contributions of the prefrontal cortex to the neural basis of human decision making Krawczyk D.C. June, 2002
A Neurocomputational Model of Analogical Reasoning and its Breakdown in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Morrison R.G., Krawczyk D.C., Holyoak K.J., Hummel J.E., Chow T.W., Miller B.L., Knowlton B.J. April, 2004
Construction of preferences by constraint satisfaction Simon D., Krawczyk D.C., Holyoak K.J. February, 2003
The one-to-one constraint in analogical mapping and inference Krawczyk D.C., Holyoak K.J., Hummel J.E. December, 2004
Reward modulation of prefrontal and visual association cortex during an incentive working memory task Krawczyk D.C., Gazzaley A., D'Esposito M. January, 2007
The transience of constructed preferences Simon D., Krawczyk D.C., Bleicher A., Holyoak K.J. July, 2007
Distraction during relational reasoning: The role of prefrontal cortex in interference control Krawczyk D.C., Morrison R.G., Viskontas I., Holyoak K.J., Chow T.W., Mendez M.F., Miller B.L., Knowlton B.J. February, 2008
Differences in task demands influence the hemispheric lateralization and neural correlates of metaphor Yang F.G., Edens J., Simpson C., Krawczyk D.C. September, 2009
Figurative language processing after traumatic brain injury in adults: A preliminary study Yang F.G., Fuller J., Khodaparast N., Krawczyk D.C. March, 2010
An fMRI investigation of cognitive stages in reasoning by analogy Krawczyk D.C., McClelland M.M., Donovan C.M., Tillman G.D., Maguire M.J. April, 2010
Deficits in analogical reasoning in adolescents with traumatic brain injury Krawczyk D.C., Hanten G., Wilde E.A., Li X., Schnelle K.P., Merkley T.L., Vasquez A.C., Cook L.G., McClelland M., Chapman S.B., Levin H.S. August, 2010
A hierarchy for relational reasoning in the prefrontal cortex Krawczyk D.C., Michelle McClelland M., Donovan C.M. May, 2010
The neural organization of perception in chess experts Krawczyk D.C., Boggan A.L., McClelland M.M., Bartlett J.C. May, 2011
Brain activation during a social attribution task in adolescents with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury Scheibel R.S., Newsome M.R., Wilde E.A., McClelland M.M., Hanten G., Krawczyk D.C., Cook L.G., Chu Z.D., Vasquez A.C., Yallampalli R., Lin X., Hunter J.V., Levin H.S. July, 2011
Impaired neural processing of social attribution in anorexia nervosa McAdams C.J., Krawczyk D.C. June, 2011
Modulation of working memory function by motivation through loss-aversion Krawczyk D.C., D'Esposito M. August, 2011
Brief Report: Insight into Illness and Social Attributional Style in Asperger's Syndrome Didehbani N., Shad M.U., Kandalaft M.R., Allen T.T., Tamminga C.A., Krawczyk D.C., Chapman S.B. April, 2012
The network architecture of cortical processing in visuo-spatial reasoning Ehsan S.-K., Motes M.A., Rypma B., Krawczyk D.C. May, 2012
Insight and empathy in schizophrenia Didehbani N., Shad M.U., Tamminga C.A., Kandalaft M.R., Allen T.T., Chapman S.B., Krawczyk D.C. July, 2012
Virtual reality social cognition training for young adults with high-functioning autism Kandalaft M.R., Didehbani N., Krawczyk D.C., Allen T.T., Chapman S.B. May, 2012
Deficits in functional connectivity of hippocampal and frontal lobe circuits after traumatic axonal injury Marquez De La Plata C.D., Garces J., Kojori E.S., Grinnan J., Krishnan K., Pidikiti R., Spence J., Devous Sr. M.D., Moore C., McColl R., Madden C., Diaz-Arrastia R. January, 2011
Magnetic resonance imaging of diffuse axonal injury: Quantitative assessment of white matter lesion volume Marquez De La Plata C., Ardelean A., Koovakkattu D., Srinivasan P., Miller A., Phuong V., Harper C., Moore C., Whittemore A., Madden C., Diaz-Arrastia R., Devous Sr. M. April, 2007
Racial Differences in Employment Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury Arango-Lasprilla J.C., Ketchum J.M., Williams K., Kreutzer J.S., Marquez de la Plata C.D., O'Neil-Pirozzi T.M., Wehman P. May, 2008
Diffusion tensor tractography of traumatic diffuse axonal injury Wang J.Y., Bakhadirov K., Devous Sr. M.D., Abdi H., McColl R., Moore C., Marquez De La Plata C.D., Ding K., Whittemore A., Babcock E., Rickbeil T., Dobervich J., Kroll D., Dao B., Mohindra N., Madden C.J., Diaz-Arrastia R. May, 2008
Impact of Age on Long-Term Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury Marquez de la Plata C.D., Hart T., Hammond F.M., Frol A.B., Hudak A., Harper C.R., O'Neil-Pirozzi T.M., Whyte J., Carlile M., Diaz-Arrastia R. May, 2008
The Influence of Minority Status on Job Stability After Traumatic Brain Injury Arango-Lasprilla J.C., Ketchum J.M., Gary K.W., Kreutzer J.S., O'Neil-Pirozzi T.M., Wehman P., Marquez de la Plata C., Jha A. January, 2009
Regionally selective atrophy after traumatic axonal injury Warner M.A., Youn T.S., Davis T., Chandra A., Marquez De La Plata C., Moore C., Harper C., Madden C.J., Spence J., McColl R., Devous M., King R.D., Diaz-Arrastia R. July, 2010
Diffusion tensor imaging biomarkers for traumatic axonal injury: Analysis of three analytic methods Marquez De La Plata C.D., Yang F.G., Wang J.Y., Krishnan K., Bakhadirov K., Paliotta C., Aslan S., Devous M.D., Moore C., Harper C., McColl R., Munro Cullum C., Diaz-Arrastia R. March, 2010
Brain morphometry changes and depressive symptoms after traumatic brain injury Hudak A., Warner M., Marquez de la Plata C., Moore C., Harper C., Diaz-Arrastia R. October, 2010
Longitudinal changes of structural connectivity in traumatic axonal injury Wang J.Y., Bakhadirov K., Abdi H., Devous M.D., Marquez De La Plata C.D., Moore C., Madden C.J., Diaz-Arrastia R. August, 2011
Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training for Young Adults with High-Functioning Autism Michelle R. Kandalaft; Nyaz Didehbani; Daniel C. Krawczyk; Tandra T. Allen; Sandra B. Chapman May, 2012
The Wechsler ACS Social Perception Subtest: A Preliminary Comparison With Other Measures of Social Cognition Michelle R. Kandalaft; Nyaz Didehbani; C. Munro Cullum; Daniel C. Krawczyk; Tandra T. Allen; Carol A. Tamminga; Sandra B. Chapman April, 2012
Recommendations for the Use of Common Outcome Measures in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Research Stephen R. McCauley; Elisabeth A. Wilde; Vicki A. Anderson; Gary Bedell; Sue R. Beers; Thomas F. Campbell; Sandra B. Chapman; Linda Ewing-Cobbs; Joan P. Gerring; Gerard A. Gioia; Harvey S. Levin; Linda J. Michaud; Mary R. Prasad; Bonnie R. Swaine; Lyn S. Turkstra; Shari L. Wade; Keith O. Yeates March, 2012
Reward circuit function in high BMI individuals with compulsive overeating: Similarities with addiction Francesca M. Filbey; Ursula S. Myers; Samuel DeWitt August, 2012
Cannabis cue-elicited craving and the reward neurocircuitry Francesca M. Filbey; Samuel J. DeWitt November, 2012
Associations between Cannabinoid Receptor-1 (CNR1) Variation and Hippocampus and Amygdala Volumes in Heavy Cannabis Users Joseph P Schacht; Kent E Hutchison; Francesca M Filbey June, 2012
Visual event-related potentials as markers of hyperarousal in Gulf War illness: Evidence against a stress-related etiology Gail D.Tillman; Clifford S.Calley; Timothy A.Green; Virginia I.Buhl; Melanie M.Biggs; Jeffrey S.Spence; Richard W.Briggs; Robert W.Haley; Michael A.Kraut; John Hart Jr. August, 2012
Travel-related disseminated Penicillium marneffei infection in a renal transplant patient J. Hart; J.R. Dyer; B.M. Clark; D.G. McLellan; S. Perera; P. Ferrari September, 2012
Threat as a Feature in Visual Semantic Object Memory Clifford S. Calley; Michael A. Motes; H-Sheng Chiang; Virginia Buhl; Jeffrey S. Spence; Hervé Abdi; Raksha Anand; Mandy Maguire; Leonardo Estevez; Richard Briggs; Thomas Freeman; Michael A. Kraut; John Hart December, 2011
Event-related potential patterns associated with hyperarousal in Gulf War illness syndrome groups Gail D. Tillman; Clifford S. Calley; Timothy A. Green; Virginia I. Buhl; Melanie M. Biggs; Jeffrey S. Spence; Richard W. Briggs; Robert W. Haley; John Hart Jr.; Michael A. Kraut June, 2012
Differences in obsessional beliefs and emotion appraisal in obsessive compulsive symptom presentation Angela H.Smith; Chad T.Wetterneck; John M.Hart; Mary B.Short; Thröstur Björgvinsson November, 2011
Brain activity in adolescent major depressive disorder before and after fluoxetine treatment Rongrong Tao; Clifford S. Calley; John Hart; Taryn L. Mayes; Paul A. Nakonezny; Hanzhang Lu; Betsy D. Kennard; Carol A. Tamminga; Graham J. Emslie October, 2011
Automatic EEG artifact removal based on ICA and hierarchical clustering Yuan Zou; John Hart; Roozbeh Jafari March, 2012
Contextual effects on conceptual blending in metaphors: An event-related potential study Fan-Pei Gloria Yang; Kailyn Bradley; Madiha Huq; Dai-Lin Wu; Daniel C. Krawczyk October, 2012
Tracking Cognitive Phases in Analogical Reasoning With Event-Related Potentials Mandy J. Maguire; M. Michelle McClelland; Colin M. Donovan; Gail D. Tillman; Daniel C. Krawczyk November, 2011
The cognition and neuroscience of relational reasoning Daniel C. Krawczyk December, 2010
Chess Masters Show a Hallmark of Face Processing With Chess Amy L. Boggan; James C. Bartlett; Daniel C. Krawczyk July, 2011
Three approaches to investigating functional compromise to the default mode network after traumatic axonal injury Ana Arenivas; Ramon Diaz-Arrastia; Jeffrey Spence; C. Munro Cullum; Kamini Krishnan; Christopher Bosworth; Carlee Culver; Beth Kennard; Carlos Marquez de la Plata July, 2012
White matter tract integrity predicts visual search performance in young and older adults Ilana J. Bennetta; Michael A. Motesa; Neena K. Raoa; Bart Rypma February, 2011
The Network Architecture of Cortical Processing in Visuo-spatial Reasoning Ehsan Shokri-Kojori; Michael A. Motes; Bart Rypma; Daniel C. Krawczyk May, 2012
Prediction of task-related BOLD fMRI with amplitude signatures of resting-state fMRI SridharS.Kannurpatti; BartRypma; BharatB.Biswal March, 2012
Auditory Memory Distortion for Spoken Prose Joanna L. Hutchison; Timothy L. Hubbard; Blaise Ferrandino May, 2012
Brief Report: Insight into Illness and Social Attributional Style in Asperger’s Syndrome Nyaz Didehbani; Mujeeb U. Shad; Michelle R. Kandalaft;Tandra T. Allen; Carol A. Tamminga; Daniel C. Krawczyk; Sandra B. Chapman April, 2012
Clinical Trials: New Opportunities Sandra Bond Chapman; Carl W. Cotman; Howard M. Fillit; Michela Gallagher; and Christopher H. van Dyck May, 2012
Gist Reasoning Training in Cognitively Normal Seniors Raksha Anandy; Sandra B. Chapman; Audette Rackley; Molly Keebler; Jennifer Zientz; and John Hart Jr. August, 2010