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Title Authors Publication Date
Distinct Brain and Behavioral Benefits from Cognitive vs. Physical Training: A Randomized Trial in Aging Adults Chapman, S.B., Aslan, S., Spence, J.S., Keebler, M.W., DeFina, L.F., Didehbani, N., Perez, A.M., Lu, H., D’Esposito, M. July, 2016
Belief about Nicotine Modulates Subjective Craving and Insula Activity in Deprived Smokers Gu, X., Lohrenz, T., Salas, R., Baldwin, P.R., Soltani, A., Kirk, U., Cinciripini, P.M., Montague, P.R. July, 2016
Investigating the neural bases for intra-subject cognitive efficiency changes using functional magnetic resonance imaging Rao, N.K, Motes, M.A., Rypma, B. October, 2014
The dual roles of trait rumination in problem solving Hubbard, N.A., Faso, D.J., Krawczyk, D.C., Rypma, B. July, 2015
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: An International Journal Vas, A., Chapman, S., Aslan, S., Spence, S., Keebler, M., Rodriguez-Larrain, G., Rodgers, B., Jantz, T., Martinez, D., Rakic, J., Krawczyk, D. May, 2015
Expert analogy use in a naturalistic setting Kretz, D.R., Krawczyk, D.C. November, 2014
Differential reward network functional connectivity in cannabis dependent and non-dependent users Filbey, F.M., Dunlop, J. April, 2014
Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents in the second six months after traumatic brain injury Max, J.E.; Lopez, A., Wilde; E.A.; Bigler, E.D.; Schachar, R.J.; Saunders, A.; Ewing-Cobbs, L.; Chapman, S.B.; Yang, T.T.; Levin, H.S. November, 2015
Mindfulness training increases cooperative decision making in economic exchanges: Evidence from fMRI Ulrich, K., Gu, X., Sharp, C., Hula, A., Fonagy, P., Montague, P.R. June, 2016
Venlafaxine treatment reduces the deficit of executive control of attention in patients with major depressive disorder Tian, Y., Du, J., Spagna, A., Mackie, M.-A., Gu, X., Dong, Y., Fan, J., Wang, K. June, 2016
Changing pattern in the basal ganglia: motor switching under reduced dopaminergic drive Fiore V.G., Rigoli, F., Stenner, M.-P., Zaehle, T., Hirth, F., Heinze, H.-J., Dolan, R.J. March, 2016
Somatic and vicarious pain are represented by dissociable multivariate brain patterns Krishnan, A., Woo, C.-W., Chang, L.J., , Ruzic, L., Gu, X., López-Sola, M., Jackson, P.L., Pujol, J., Fan, J., Wager, T.D. June, 2016
The effects of amnestic mild cognitive impairment on Go/NoGo semantic categorization task performance and event-related potentials Mudar, R.A., Chiang, H.-S., Eroh, J., Nguyen, L.T., Maguire, M.J., Spence, J.S., Kung, F., Kraut, M.A., Hart, J. January, 2016
fMRI Study of Neural Sensitization to Hedonic Stimuli in Long-Term, Daily Cannabis Users Filbey, F.M., Dunlop, J., Ketcherside, A., Baine, J., Rhinehardt, T., Kuhn, B., DeWitt, S. and Alvi, T. May, 2016
Self-Reported Traumatic Brain Injury and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Increased Risk and Earlier Age of Diagnosis LoBue, C., Dentela D., Hynan, L.S., Rossetti H.C., Lacritza, L.H., Hart Jr., J., Womack, K.B., Poona, F.L., Culluma, C.M. March, 2016
Dopamine efflux in response to ultraviolet radiation in addicted sunbed users Aubert, P.M., Seibyl, J.P., Price, J.L., Harris, T.S., Filbey, F.M., Jakobe, H., Devous, M.D., Adinoff, B. April, 2016
Brain activation patterns and cognitive processing speed in patients with pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis Akbar, N., Banwell, B., Sled, J.G., Binns, M.A., Doesburg, S.M., Rypma, B., Lysenko, M., Till, C. December, 2015
Altered amygdala connectivity in individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury and comorbid depressive symptoms Han, K., Chapman, S.B., Krawczyk, D.C. November, 2015
The impact of therapists' words on the adolescent brain: In the context of addiction treatment Feldstein Ewing, S.W., Houck, J.M., Yezhuvath, U., Shokri-Kojori, E., Truitt, D., Filbey, F.M. October, 2015
The enduring effects of depressive thoughts on working memory Nicholas A. Hubbard, Joanna L. Hutchison, D. Zachary Hambrick, Bart Rypma July, 2015
Dopamine D1 Binding Potential Predicts Fusiform BOLD Activity during Face-Recognition Performance Bart Rypma, Håkan Fischer, Anna Rieckmann, Nicholas A. Hubbard, Lars Nyberg, and Lars Backman November, 2015
Personality change due to traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents: Neurocognitive correlates Max, J.E., Wilde, E.A., Bigler, E.D., Hanten, G., Dennis, M., Schachar, R.J., Saunders, A.E., Ewing-Cobbs, L., Chapman, S.B., Thompson, W.K., Yang, T.T., Levin, H.S. November, 2015
Neural Mechanisms of Brain Plasticity with Complex Cognitive Training in Healthy Seniors Sandra B. Chapman, Sina Aslan, Jeffrey S. Spence, John J. Hart Jr, Elizabeth K. Bartz, Nyaz Didehbani, Molly W. Keebler, Claire M. Gardner, Jeremy F. Strain, Laura F. DeFina and Hanzhang Lu August, 2013
Herpes simplex encephalitis: Lack of clinical benefit of long-term valacyclovir therapy Gnann, J.W., Sköldenberg, B., Hart, J., Aurelius, E., Schliamser, S., Studahl, M., Eriksson, B.-M., Hanley, D., Aoki, F., Jackson, A.C., Griffiths, P., Miedzinski, L., Hanfelt-Goade, D., Hinthorn, D., Ahlm, C., Aksamit, A., Cruz-Flores, S., Dale, I., Cloud, G., Jester, P., Whitley, R.J. September, 2015
An investigation of reasoning by analogy in schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder Krawczyk, D.C., Kandalaft, M.R., Didehbani, N., Allen, T.T., McClelland, M.M., Tamminga, C.A., Chapman, S.B. August, 2014
Autonomic and brain responses associated with empathy deficits in autism spectrum disorder Gu, X., Eilam-Stock, T., Zhou, T., Anagnostou, E., Kolevzon, A., Soorya, L., Hof, P.R., Friston, K.J., Fan, J. May, 2015
Combined effects of marijuana and nicotine on memory performance and hippocampal volume Filbey, F.M., McQueeny, T., Kadamangudi, S., Bice, C., Ketcherside, A. July, 2015
Asynchrony in Executive Networks Predicts Cognitive Slowing in Multiple Sclerosis Hubbard, N.A., Hutchison, J.L., Turner, M.P., Sundaram, S., Oasay, L., Robinson, D., Strain, J., Weaver, T., Davis, S.L., Remington, G.M., Huang, H., Biswal, B.B., Hart, J., Frohman, T.C., Frohman, E.M., Rypma, B. July, 2015
Imaging correlates of memory and concussion history in retired National Football League athletes Strain, J.F., Womack, K.B., Didehbani, N., Spence, J.S., Conover, H., Hart, J., Kraut, M.A., Cullum, C.M. May, 2015
Word-finding impairment in veterans of the 1991 Persian Gulf War Kristin Moffett, Bruce Crosson, Jeffrey S. Spence, Kimberly Case, Ilana Levy, Kaundinya Gopinath, Parina Shah, Aman Goyal, Yan Fang, Richard W. Briggs, John Hart Jr., Anna Moore, Robert W. Haley June, 2015
Which Matters Most? Demographic, Neuropsychological, Personality, and Situational Factors in Long-Term Marijuana and Alcohol Trajectories for Justice-Involved Male Youth Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Francesca M. Filbey, Thomas A. Loughran, Laurie Chassin, and Alex R. Piquero June, 2015
Altered Neural Activity during Semantic Object Memory Retrieval in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment as Measured by Event-Related Potentials Hsueh-Sheng Chiang, Raksha A. Mudara, Athula Pudhiyidath, Jeffrey S. Spence, Kyle B. Womack, C. Munro Cullum, Jeremy A. Tanner , Justin Eroh, Michael A. Kraut and John Hart Jr. March, 2015
The hyper-sentient addict: an exteroception model of addiction Samuel J. DeWitt, MS, Ariel Ketcherside, MS, Tim M. McQueeny, PhD, Joseph P. Dunlop, PhD, and Francesca M. Filbey, PhD July, 2015
Mediating Processes Between Stress and Problematic Marijuana Use Ketcherside, A. Filbey, F January, 2015
Hiding in plain sight: a closer look at posterior cortical atrophy Shin C Beh, Brinda Muthusamy, Peter Calabresi, John Hart, David Zee, Vivek Patel, Elliot Frohman February, 2015
Alterations in hippocampal connectivity across the psychosis dimension Samudra, N, Ivleva, E.I., Hubbard, N.A., Rypma, B., Sweeney, J.A., Clementz, B.A., Keshavan, M.S., Pearlson, G.D., Tamminga, C.A. August, 2015
Decision making after pediatric traumatic brain injury: trajectory of recovery and relationship to age and gender Adam T. Schmidta, Gerri R. Hantena, Xiaoqi Li, Ana C. Vasquez, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Sandra B. Chapman, Harvey S. Levin September, 2011
Neuroimaging correlates of novel psychiatric disorders after pediatric traumatic brain injury Jeffrey E. Max, M.B.B.Ch., Elisabeth A. Wilde, Ph.D., Erin D. Bigler, Ph.D., Wesley K. Thompson, Ph.D., Marianne MacLeod, M.A., Ana C. Vasquez, B.S., Tricia L. Merkley, Ph.D., Jill V. Hunter, M.D., Zili D. Chu, Ph.D., Ragini Yallampalli, M.S., Gillian Hotz, Ph.D., Sandra B. Chapman, Ph.D., Tony T. Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D. November, 2012
Integrating Brain and Behavior: Evaluating Adolescents’ Response to a Cannabis Intervention Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Amber D. McEachern, Uma Yezhuvath, Angela D. Bryan, Kent E. Hutchison, Francesca M. Filbey February, 2012
fNIRS-based investigation of the Stroop task after TBI Patrick Plenger, Kamini Krishnan, Matthew Cloud, Chris Bosworth, Devin Qualls, Carlos Marquez de la Plata June, 2015
Abstracting meaning from complex information (gist reasoning) in adult traumatic brain injury Asha Kuppachi Vas, Jeffrey Spence, Sandra Bond Chapman January, 2015
Language impairments in traumatic brain injury: a window into complex cognitive performance Asha K. Vas, Sandra B. Chapman, Lori G. Cook January, 2015
Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents 24 Months After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Jeffrey E. Max, M.B.B.Ch., Keren Friedman, B.S., Elisabeth A. Wilde, Ph.D., Erin D. Bigler, Ph.D., Gerri Hanten, Ph.D., Russell J. Schachar, M.D., Ann E. Saunders, M.D., Maureen Dennis, Ph.D., Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D., Sandra B. Chapman, Ph.D., Tony T. Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D. March, 2015
Brain-based origins of change language: A beginning Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Uma Yezhuvath, Jon M. Houck, Francesca M. Filbey December, 2014
Mediating Processes Between Stress and Problematic Marijuana Use Ariel Ketcherside, Francesca Filbey June, 2015
Morphological Instability of High Ge Percent SiGe Films Grown by Ultra-High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition John Hart, Ramsey Hazbun, Jim Nakos, Dean Siegel, Christopher Funch, James Kolodzey, David Harame October, 2014
Effects of age on cognitive control during semantic categorization Raksha A. Mudara, Hsueh-Sheng Chiang, Mandy J. Maguire, Jeffrey S. Spence, Justin Eroh, Michael A. Kraut, John Hart Jr. March, 2015
Interaction between early life stress and alcohol dependence on neural stress reactivity Hongyu Yang, Jeffrey S. Spence, Richard W. Briggs, Uma Rao, Carol North, Michael D. Devous Sr., Hong Xiao, Bryon Adinoff May, 2015
Cognitive gains from gist reasoning training in adolescents with chronic-stage traumatic brain injury Lori G. Cook, Sandra B. Chapman, Alan C. Elliott, Nellie N. Evenson, Kami Vinton June, 2014
Enhancement of cognitive and neural functions through complex reasoning training: evidence from normal and clinical populations Sandra B. Chapman, Raksha A. Mudar April, 2014
Enhancing inferential abilities in adolescence: new hope for students in poverty Jacquelyn F. Gamino, Michael M. Motes, Russell Riddle, G. Reid Lyon, Jeffrey S. Spence, Sandra B. Chapman December, 2014
Inhibitory control gains from higher-order cognitive strategy training Michael A. Motes, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, Sandra B. Chapman, Neena K. Rao, Mandy J. Maguire, Matthew R. Brier, Michael A. Kraut, John Hart Jr. February, 2014
Neuropsychological Performance of Youth with Secondary Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 6- and 12-Months after Traumatic Brain Injury Tisha J. Ornstein, Sanya Sagar, Russell J. Schachar, Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Sandra B. Chapman, Maureen Dennis, Ann E. Saunders, Tony T. Yang, Harvey S. Levin, Jeffrey E. Max November, 2014
Age-related increase of resting metabolic rate in the human brain Shin-Lei Peng, Julie A. Dumas, Denise C. Park, Peiying Liu, Francesca M. Filbey, Carrie J. McAdams, Amy E. Pinkham, Bryon Adinoff, Rong Zhangi, Hanzhang Lu September, 2014
Automatic and Reproducible Positioning of Phase- Contrast MRI for the Quantification of Global Cerebral Blood Flow Peiying Liu, Hanzhang Lu, Francesca M. Filbey, Amy E. Pinkham, Carrie J. McAdams, Bryon Adinoff, Vamsi Daliparthi, Yan Cao May, 2014
Long-term effects of marijuana use on the brain Francesca M. Filbey, Sina Aslan, Vince D. Calhoun, Jeffrey S. Spence, Eswar Damaraju, Arvind Caprihan, Judith Segall November, 2014
MRI assessment of cerebral oxygen metabolism in cocaine-addicted individuals: hypoactivity and dose dependence Peiying Liua, Hanzhang Lu, Francesca M. Filbey, Carol A. Tamminga, Yan Cao, Bryon Adinoff March, 2014
Unique Aspects of Impulsive Traits in Substance Use and Overeating: Specific Contributions of Common Assessments of Impulsivity Derek Beaton, Hervé Abdi, Francesca Filbey November, 2014
Age-related changes in feature-based object memory retrieval as measured by event-related potentials Hsueh-Sheng Chiang, Raksha A. Mudar, Jeffrey S. Spence, Athula Pudhiyidath,Justin Eroh, Bambi DeLaRosa, Michael A. Kraut, John Hart Jr. July, 2014
West Nile virus neuroinvasive disease: neurological manifestations and prospective longitudinal outcomes John Hart Jr, Gail Tillman, Michael A Kraut, Hsueh-Sheng Chiang, Jeremy F Strain, Yufeng Li, Amy G Agrawal, Penny Jester, John W Gnann Jr, Richard J Whitley May, 2014
Who am I? How do I look? Neural differences in self-identity in anorexia nervosa Carrie J. McAdams, Daniel C. Krawczyk January, 2014
Longitudinal White Matter Changes after Traumatic Axonal Injury Alison M. Perez, Justin Adler, Nimay Kulkarni, Jeremy F. Strain, Kyle B. Womack, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, and Carlos D. Marquez de la Plata September, 2014
Assessment of Unconstrained Cerebrovascular Reactivity Marker for Large Age-Range fMRI Studies Sridhar S. Kannurpatti, Michael A. Motes, Bharat B. Biswal, Bart Rypma February, 2014
Central Executive Dysfunction and Deferred Prefrontal Processing in Veterans With Gulf War Illness Nicholas A. Hubbard, Joanna L. Hutchison, Michael A. Motes, Ehsan Shokri-Kojori, Ilana J. Bennett, Ryan M. Brigante, Robert W. Haley, and Bart Rypma May, 2014
Correspondence of executive function related functional and anatomical alterations in aging brain Xin Di, Bart Rypma, Bharat B. Biswal January, 2014
Depressive thoughts limit working memory capacity in dysphoria Nicholas A. Hubbard, Joanna L. Hutchison, Monroe Turner, Janelle Montroy, Ryan P. Bowles, Bart Rypma January, 2015
The efficiency of fMRI region of interest analysis methods for detecting group differences Joanna L. Hutchison, Nicholas A. Hubbard, Ryan M. Brigante, Monroe Turner, Traci I. Sandoval, G. Andrew J. Hillis, Travis Weaver, Bart Rypma April, 2014
Electrophysiological spatiotemporal dynamics during implicit visual threat processing Bambi L. DeLaRosa, Jeffrey S. Spence, Scott K.M. Shakal, Michael A. Motes, Clifford S. Calley, Virginia I. Calley, John Hart Jr., Michael A. Kraut November, 2014
Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents in the First Six Months After Traumatic Brain Injury Jeffrey E. Max, M.B.B.Ch. Eva Keatley, B.S. Elisabeth A. Wilde, Ph.D. Erin D. Bigler, Ph.D. Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D. Russell J. Schachar, M.D. Ann Saunders, M.D. Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D. Sandra B. Chapman, Ph.D. Maureen Dennis, Ph.D. Tony T. Yang, M.D., Ph.D. December, 2011
Cognitive and linguistic correlates of children’s discourse after closed head injury: A three-year follow-up Bonnie L. Brookshire, Sandra B. Chapman, James Song, Harvey S. Levin November, 2000
Deficits in analogical reasoning in adolescents with traumatic brain injury Daniel C. Krawczyk, Gerri Hanten, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Xiaoqi Li, Kathleen P. Schnelle, Tricia L. Merkley, Ana C. Vasquez, Lori G. Cook, Michelle McClelland, Sandra B. Chapman and Harvey S. Levin August, 2010
Discourse after Closed Head Injury in Young Children Sandra Bond Chapman, Harvey S. Levin, Alicia Wanek, Julie Weyrauch, and Joseph Kufera February, 1998
Discourse Plasticity in Children After Stroke: Age at Injury and Lesion Effects Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, Jeffrey E. Max, MBBCh, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, MS, Jenny H. McGlothlin, MS, and Starr N. Cliff, MS July, 2003
Discussion of Developmental Plasticity: Factors Affecting Cognitive Outcome After Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Sandra Bond Chapman, Lyn McKinnon July, 2000
Effects of Cognitive- Communication Stimulation for Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Treated With Donepezil Sandra Bond Chapman, Myron F. Weiner, Audette Rackley, Linda S. Hynan, Jennifer Zientz October, 2004
Effects of higher-order cognitive strategy training on gist‑reasoning and fact-learning in adolescents Jacquelyn F. Gamino1*†, Sandra B. Chapman1†, Elizabeth L. Hull1 and G. Reid Lyon2 December, 2010
Effects of Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury on Anticipating Consequences of Actions in Adolescents: A Preliminary Study Lori G. Cook, Gerri Hanten, Kimberley D. Orsten, Sandra B. Chapman, Xiaoqi Li, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Kathleen P. Schnelle,Harvey S. Levin May, 2013
Effects of traumatic brain injury on a virtual reality social problem solving task and relations to cortical thickness in adolescence Gerri Hantena, Lori Cookb, Kimberley Orsten, Sandra B. Chapman, Xiaoqi Li, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Kathleen P. Schnelle, Harvey S. Levin February, 2011
Event-based prospective memory performance during subacute recovery following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury in children: Effects of monetary incentives Stephen R. McCauley, Claudia Pedroza, Sandra B. Chapman, Lori G. Cook, Gillian Hotz, Ana C. Vasquez, Harvey S. Levin March, 2010
Evidence for Cortical Dysfunction in Spasmodic Dysphonia: Regional Cerebral Blood Flow and Quantitative Electrophysiology M.D. Devous, Sr., K.D. Pool, T. Finitzo, F.J. Freeman, S.D. Schaeffer, B.C. Watson, G.V. Kondraske, S.B. Chapman August, 1990
Gist reasoning training in cognitively normal seniors Raksha Anandy, Sandra B. Chapmany, Audette Rackley, Molly Keebler, Jennifer Zientz, and John Hart Jr. September, 2011
Impaired discourse gist and working memory in children after brain injury Sandra B. Chapman, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, Lori G. Cook, Gerri Hanten, Xiaoqi Li, Harvey S. Levin May, 2006
Inhibitory control gains from higher-order cognitive strategy training Michael A. Motes, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, Sandra B. Chapman, Neena K. Rao, Mandy J. Maguire, Matthew R. Brier, Michael A. Kraut, John Hart Jr. February, 2014
Linguistic Performance Deficits in Stutterers: Relation to Laryngeal Reaction Time Profiles Ben C. Watson, Frances J. Freeman, Sandra B. Chapman, Susan Miller, Terese Finitzo, Kenneth D. Pool, Michael D. Devous, Sr. January, 1991
Long-Term Recovery in Paediatric Head Injury: Overcoming the Hurdles Sandra Bond Chapman Jennifer Nasits Jocelyn Deering Challas Alicia Paige Billinger December, 2009
Monetary incentive effects on event-based prospective memory three months after traumatic brain injury in children Stephen R. McCauley, Claudia Pedroza, Sandra B. Chapman, Lori G. Cook, Ana C. Vásquez, Harvey S. Levin July, 2011
Narrative Discourse after Closed Head Injury in Children and Adolescents Sandra B. Chapman, Kathleen A. Culhane, Harvey S. Levin, Harriet Harward, Dianne Mendelsohn, Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Jack M. Fletcher, Derek Bruce July, 1992
Oral Reading and Expressive Language After Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury Trajectory and Correlates of Change Over Time Gerri Hanten, PhD; Xiaoqi Li, MS; Mary R. Newsome, PhD; Paul Swank, PhD; Sandra B. Chapman, PhD; Maureen Dennis, PhD; Marcia Barnes, PhD; Linda Ewing-Cobbs, PhD; Harvey S. Levin, PhD September, 2009
Predictors of Personality Change Due to Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents in the First Six Months After Injury Jeffrey E. Max, M.B.B.Ch, Russell J. Schachar, M.D., Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D., Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D., Sandra B. Chapman, PhD., Maureen Dennis, Ph.D., Ann Saunders, M.D., Julie Landis, Ph.D. May, 2005
Predictors of Secondary Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents 6 to 24 Months After Traumatic Brain Injury Jeffrey E. Max, Russell J. Schachar, M.D., Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D., Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D., Sandra B. Chapman, Ph.D., Maureen Dennis, Ph.D., Ann Saunders, M.D., Julie Landis, Ph.D. April, 2005
Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents Six-to-Twelve Months After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Jeffrey E. Max, M.B.B.Ch David Pardo, B.S. Gerri Hanten, Ph.D. Russell J. Schachar, M.D. Ann E. Saunders, M.D. Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Ph.D. Sandra B. Chapman, Ph.D. Maureen Dennis, Ph.D. Elisabeth A. Wilde, Ph.D. Erin D. Bigler, Ph.D. Wesley K. Thompson, Ph.D. Tony T. Yang, M.D., Ph.D. Harvey S. Levin, Ph.D. July, 2012
Strategic Learning in Youth With Traumatic Brain Injury Evidence for Stall in Higher-Order Cognition Jacquelyn F. Gamino, PhD; Sandra B. Chapman, PhD; Lori G. Cook, MS July, 2009
Three-Word Recall in Normal Aging Melanie J. Chandler, Laura H. Lacritz, Antionette R. Cicerello, Sandra B. Chapman, Lawrence S. Honig, Myron F. Weiner, C. Munro Cullum November, 2004
Verbal Selective Learning after Traumatic Brain Injury in Children Gerri Hanten, PhD, Sandra B. Chapman, PhD, Jacquelyn F. Gamino, MS, Lifang Zhang, MS, Shelley Black Benton, PhD, Garland Stallings-Roberson, PhD,Jill V. Hunter, MD, Harvey S. Levin, PhD December, 2004
When nouns and verbs degrade: Facilitating communication in semantic dementia Stephanie B. Wong, Raksha Anand, Sandra B. Chapman PhD, Audette Rackley, Jennifer Zientz February, 2009
Word fluency in relation to severity of closed head injury, associated frontal brain lesions, and age at injury in children Harvey S. Levin, James Song, Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Sandra B. Chapman, Dianne Mendelsohn January, 2001
Reasoning training in veteran and civilian traumatic brain injury with persistent mild impairment Asha Vas; Sandra Chapman; Sina Aslan; Jeffrey Spence; Molly Keebler; Gisella Rodriguez-Larrain; Barry Rodgers; Tiffani Jantz; David Martinez; Jelena Rakic; Daniel Krawczyk May, 2015
The Efficiency of fMRI Region of Interest Analysis Methods for Detecting Group Differences Joanna L. Hutchison, Nicholas A. Hubbard, Ryan M. Brigante, Monroe Turner, Traci I. Sandoval, G. Andrew J. Hillis, Travis Weaver, Bart Rypma January, 2014
Altered Neural Processing of Threat in Alcohol-Dependent Men Hongyu Yang, Michael D. Devous, Richard W. Briggs, Jeffrey S. Spence, Hong Xiao, Nicholas Kreyling, Bryon Adinoff December, 2013
The Community Integration Questionnaire: Factor Structure Across Racial/Ethnic Groups in Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD; Nancy D. Chiaravalloti, PhD; Angelle M. Sander, PhD; Monique R. Pappadis, MEd; Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, PhD; Tessa Hart, PhD; James H. Ba˜ nos, PhD; Carlos D. Marquez De La Plata, PhD; Flora M. Hammond, MD; Tanya E. Sherman, PhD November, 2013
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