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I am in a field that is changing and advancing exponentially. I like to think years ahead of what I envision the Center for BrainHealth to be 10-20 years out and then work backwards to achieve that change.

Dr. Sandra Chapman, Founder and Chief Director


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Returning Service Members: Warrior Projects


What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may be experienced by individuals who have been exposed to extreme or life-threatening situations.  Symptoms range from irritability, flashbacks, or nightmares to physiological symptoms such as sweaty palms or increased heart rate. 

Some of these symptoms may be helpful in a threatening situation, but can be debilitating when they persist long after the danger has passed – negatively affecting your life and the people around you.  If you do experience PTSD there are effective treatments to help you feel better.

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PTSD in Returning Service Members

At the Center for BrainHealth we are developing a unique treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of OEF/OIF veterans. Research indicates that combining cognitive processing therapy (CPT) with magnetic stimulation therapy may enhance recovery from PTSD symptoms; we’re investigating the overall benefits of this paired treatment.

Benefits of participating

·      12 weekly sessions of completely confidential, no-cost sessions

·      Clinically-proven therapy

·      Non-drug, non-invasive treatment with no sexual side effects

·      Assist researchers in developing more effective therapies for warriors

·      Compensation for your time

How do I get involved?

We are currently recruiting OEF/OIF veterans between the ages of 18-60 to participate in our PTSD research program. Your participation may help us expand our veteran programs in the future.  Please call us to learn about additional inclusion criteria for this PTSD treatment.


For more information call:

Cedric Jones, USMC | 972-883-3317 |

Caitlin Schraufnagel, Ph.D. | (972) 883- 3317 |

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