Clark Thurston


Diagnosed with Asperger’s in early childhood, Clark Thurston struggled with handling social situations appropriately. He often rambled about one of his passions, history, and toiled with recognizing social cues and emotional reactions.

“We live in a highly social world and our society puts more emphasis on knowing somebody than work or brain power,” Clark said. “So, if you’re deficient in the one thing our society has deemed the most important attribute, then you’re in real trouble.”

Clark’s mother, Lori, could see the torment her son endured. “He got bullied a lot, so he carried around a lot of pain,” she said. “Before coming to the Center for BrainHealth, we couldn’t even find a therapist or clinician who worked with Asperger’s. BrainHealth was a godsend.”

In just eight weeks, Clark’s life changed dramatically. Now a 24-year-old college student, Clark is ebullient as he describes how he has benefitted from the 8-week avatar training at the Center for BrainHealth, how it has increased his self-confidence and allows him to interact successfully with his college professors and coworkers at Costco where he was selected Employee of the Month earlier this year.

“The best thing about this program is that it is a very low stakes way to practice interacting in everyday ways with others,” said Clark. “It provides five to six years of social training in just a few sessions.”

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