Lucy Billingsley

For Lucy Billingsley, the SMART program was both a philosophical and practical eye-opener about her ability to harness her brain’s considerable power.

“It seems to me that the brain is an energetic nexus in our bodies through which we stimulate and influence thought, mood, emotion and health. Usually we let this nexus run helter-skelter. We never stop to think how we might use it to enhance our energy, our health, our emotions or our clarity and creativity of thought. The SMART program lets us understand the potential methods of using our brains.”

“We must observe our brains through our daily actions, through the results we have each day, through our habits, through our tension and relaxation, through our moods and in the energy we feel.”

“The SMART program provides a way to note these multiple circumstances and experience them separately to create different reactions. In 20 years there will be many classes in how to use our brains. We will be learning to manage our energies and our emotions and have clearly established patterns of thought. We will have classes that move from elementary schools through Ph.D.s. So today we are beginning with this one tiny step into brain awareness. But, oh, to be a brain Olympian—there’s the dream!”

SMART Graduate

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